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Application of Two-Factorial Design for Optimizing the Degree of CO2 Concentration and Compressive Strength in Sandcrete-Talc Composite

Authors: Abdullahi M, Alfa B, Kovo AS, Odigure JO


Global interest in carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reduction has triggered alternative cement formulation using non-classical raw materials. This research work is aimed at applying a 2-factorial design for optimizing the degree of CO2 sequestered and compressive strength of the sandcrete-talc (S-T) composite at ambient conditions. The statistical analysis (ANOVA) showed that Age and Talc had the greatest effect on the degree of CO2 sequestered from the atmosphere at ambient conditions, while Sand, Talc and Age had the most significant effect on the compressive strength of the S-T composite. The result also showed that as curing age increases with an increase in talc content, the concentration of carbon dioxide increased. Also, the compressive strength increased as the age, talc and sand components increased at constant cement composition. The developed predicted mathematical models showed that the optimal concentration of CO2 (CC) and compressive strength (CS) obtained were 0.2083 mol/dm3 and 2.3925 N/mm2 after 7-day, and 0.4528 mol/dm3 and 7.315 N/mm2 after 28-day curing at ambient condition respectively. The quality of the sandcrete-talc composite at the optimum predicted conditions satisfied the Nigeria Industrial Standard (NIS) of 2007. The developed predicted equations could be used in the design of an S-T mix composite for structural buildings and to minimize the effect of greenhouse gas.

Affiliations: Department of Chemical Engineering, The Federal Polytechnic, PMB 55, Bida, Nigeria
Keywords: Mathematical Model, ANOVA, Sandcrete-Talc, Optimization, CO2 Sequestration, Compressive Strength
Published date: 2020/06/30

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