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Assessment of Water Quality Parameters in an Artificial Storage Pond for Fish Production

Authors: Okey EN, Yaya OO, Ndahi AK


Fish productivity generally depends on the physical, biological and chemical properties of the water they live in. Changes in the environmental factors can cause stress to the fish and the higher the change, the bigger the stress. The present study assessed the physiochemical and the biological water quality parameters of fish pond source water and pond water, intending to evaluate their impact on fish survival and growth. Samples were collected from the borehole that supplies water to the pond and from the fish pond effluents. Physiochemical analysis of the samples was carried out using standard methods. The average values of pH, temperature and turbidity were 7.56±0.16, 29.12±1.20 oC and 5.40±1.58 NTU in the source water and 7.24±0.10, 28.86±1.57 oC and 64±14.60 NTU in the pond water respectively. The least values of nitrate (3.16±0.60 mg/L), phosphate (13.38±5.16 mg/L) and sulphate (0±0.00 mg/L) were found in the source water while the highest values of nitrate (7.44±4.60 mg/L), phosphate (34.58±4.79 mg/L) and sulphate (39.12±13.54 mg/L) were found in the pond water. Total and faecal coliforms were determined with a standard membrane filtration method. Reduction in dissolved oxygen level and elevated levels of nitrite, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, total and faecal coliforms as observed in pond water samples were generally an indication of poor pond water quality, and may make the water toxic and pose challenges to the fishes. Therefore, to achieve increased fish production with low input costs, these environmental factors should be regulated.

Affiliations: National Water Resources Institute, Kaduna, PMB 2309, Mando Road, Kaduna, Nigeria.
Keywords: Ponds, Fish Production, Water Quality, Organic Nutrient, Physicochemical Analysis
Published date: 2020/12/30

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