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Comparative Study of the Lubrication Properties of Chemically Modified Neem Oil in Cold Extrusion of Aluminium

Authors: Gaminana JO, Dodo RM, Abiola J


This study investigates the effect of epoxidized neem oil as lubricant on cold extrusion of aluminium. Extrusion of aluminium using four different lubricants (neem oil, esterified biolubricant, epoxidized biolubricant and graphite dissolved in ethanol) was carried out. The four lubricants were used separately. After lubricating the billets, die, extrusion container and the ram, the whole assembly was placed on the universal tensile testing machine and the load was then applied. The extrusion was conducted under three different cross head speeds (2, 4 and 6 cm/min). Afterwards, surface finish and hardness of the extrudes were analyzed and measured. The results obtained show that large punch displacement is needed for easy extrusion of aluminium. The 6 cm/min proved the best. In addition, epoxidized biolubricant was the superior lubricant out of the four lubricants tested since it gave extrudes with good surface finish and higher hardness value. However, cross head speed of 2 cm/min produces extrude with finer surface finish.

Affiliations: Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.
Keywords: Lubricant, Cross Head Speed, Aluminium, Esterified Biolubricant, Neem Oil, Epoxidized, Graphite
Published date: 2019/12/30

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