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Development of Grey Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold Material with Enhanced Thermal Stability

Authors: Adesokan IO, Aponbiede O, Sheu U, Adebisi AA


The high demand for environmentally friendly vehicles with improved properties such as low fuel consumption, high engine performance and low emission of toxic gases has led to the search for methods of improving the properties of exhaust manifold materials. The aim of this study is to develop grey cast iron exhaust manifold materials with nickel in the range 1-3% as alloying element in order to enhance its thermal stability at elevated temperatures. The test samples for this study were developed by alloying the grey cast iron material through sand casting by melting scrap grey cast iron manifold above it melting temperature before alloying it with nickel in the appropriate proportion. Hardness, fatigue and thermal test. Control samples were produced after melting the scrap grey cast iron manifold without the addition of nickel, and other test samples were produced by adding nickel in the proportion 1% Ni, 2% Ni and 3%Ni respectively. Thermal test carried out on the cast test samples are thermal conductivity, coefficient of thermal expansion and specific heat capacity tests. The results from the test carried out show that grey cast iron manifold material improved with the addition of 1-3 % nickel. The hardness value doubled between 2-3% Ni and also 2% Ni gave the best fatigue life compared to the control material. After the test, addition of 2% Ni addition to the grey cast iron material gave the best result.

Affiliations: Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.
Keywords: Exhaust Manifold, Grey Cast Iron, Thermal Fatigue, Thermal Conductivity, Casting
Published date: 2019/12/30

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