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Development of Polyacrylamide from Waste Agricultural By-Product for Enhanced Oil Recovery Process in Nigerian Oil Industry: Conceptual Review

Authors: *Adama, K. K., Ikhazuangbe, P.M.O., Onyeachu, I. B., Aliu, D., Anani, O. A.

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The use of polymers in enhanced oil recovery process is a form of petroleum biotechnological process for manipulating functions and structures of fossil fuel existing in oil reservoirs for prolonged exploitation. Crude oil production is estimated to be typically 30 - 50 % by both primary and secondary recovery methods. Tertiary recovery or enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods allows additional 5 – 15 % of the reservoir’s residual oil to be recovered. Hence, the need to develop novel approaches to improve the efficiency of EOR of oil entrapped in porous media cannot be overemphasized. Polyacrylamides are widely used for various purposes in the petroleum industry but for many years have always been chemically synthesized. The use of biologically synthesized polyacrylamides have gradually gained prominence as a result of their biodegradability, functionality under extreme conditions and other salient properties. However, the use of waste agricultural by-products for synthesizing polyacrylamides for use mainly in the Nigerian oil industry is still very limited due to unverified subsequent contamination of either the underground oil reservoirs or the crude oil product. Analytical and experimental perspective on the use of polyacrylamide derived from waste agricultural by-products for enhanced oil recovery process in the Nigerian oil industry is reviewed in this study.

Affiliations: Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Edo State University Uzairue, Nigeria.
Keywords: Polyacrylamides, Waste Agricultural By-product, Tertiary Oil Recovery Process, Analytical And Experimental Perspective, Synthesis
Published date: 2023/12/30

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