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Digital Wireless Caution Sign System: Enhancing Highway Safety

Authors: Nweke, C.B., *Ezeh, C. And Odo, K.O.

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Road obstructions on highways present significant hazards to road users, resulting in accidents and traffic congestion. Conventional methods, such as road signs, have proven ineffective, particularly in countries like Nigeria and other African countries. Motorists frequently neglect to display caution signs (triangular signs) when their vehicles break down on highways, impeding the ability of other drivers to promptly identify and respond to stationary vehicles. To address this issue, a digital wireless caution sign system is proposed. The system combines a flashing caution light with wireless signal transmission to notify oncoming vehicles of obstructions, including parked or broken-down vehicles, along the road. The system consists of two units: the transmitter unit and the receiver unit. The transmitter unit incorporates an AT89s51 microcontroller, LEDs, and TWS-434 module, while the receiver unit comprises an AT89s51 microcontroller, TWR-434 radio, LCD, and buzzer. When a vehicular obstruction is detected, information is transmitted via the TWS-434 module to the receiver unit. This triggers a beep every ten seconds while simultaneously displaying details about the obstructing vehicle on an LCD screen. This real-time notification system enhances road safety by proactively alerting drivers to potential obstructions. The effectiveness of the proposed system lies in its ability to provide timely and accurate notifications, enabling drivers to make informed decisions and mitigate the risk of accidents. By equipping vehicles with the receiver system, drivers can receive proactive notifications about road obstructions, allowing them to adjust their driving behavior and ensure safer journeys.

Affiliations: College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Nigeria.
Keywords: Road Obstructions Accidents Traditional Road Signs Notification Systems Caution Signs
Published date: 2023/12/30

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