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Effect of B4C Particulate on the Mechanical Properties of ZA-27 Alloy Composite

Authors: Shehu U, Saliu AM, Adebisi AA


An investigation was carried out to study the effect of boron carbide (B4C) on the mechanical properties of ZA-27 alloy composites. The base alloy was reinforced with B4C particles of 30 ?m and the composite was produced by stir casting method. The as-cast samples consisting of varied weight percentage of 0, 2.5, 5, 7.5, and 10% amount of B4C were tested for various mechanical properties such as hardness, tensile, impact tests and the results were compared with the unreinforced sample under the same conditions. It was observed that the addition of B4C particles increased the mechanical properties of the alloy. The tensile test result showed the 7.5wt% B4C composite having maximum tensile strength of 305.53 N/mm2 and 10wt% B4C the least value of 127.3 N/mm2 as compared with the unreinforced (0wt% B4C) which was 229.15 N/mm2. The hardness was found to be maximum for the 10wt% B4C composite with a value of 93.5 HRB and least with a value of 67.4 HRB for the 0wt% B4C. The impact test result revealed that the impact strength for 10wt% B4C composite was the highest with a value of 0.1298 J/mm2 and the strength is least for 0wt% B4C with 0.0267 J/mm2. The composites produced has light weight combine with good strength and can be used as bearings for combustion engines.

Affiliations: Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Kogi State Polytechnic, Itakpe, Nigeria
Keywords: ZA-27, Mechanical Properties, Stir Casting, B4C, Density
Published date: 2019/06/30

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