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Effect of Carburization Time and Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of Mild Steel

Authors: Adams SM, Suleiman IY

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Mechanical properties of mild steel subjected to pack carburization process were investigated using rice husk as the carburizer. The samples were carburized at 850 oC, 900 oC and 950 oC, soaked for 20 minutes and 40 minutes, quenched in black seed oil and tempered at 550 oC. Prior to carburization, standard test samples were prepared from the as-received samples for tensile, impact and hardness tests. After carburization, the test samples were subjected to the standard tests and from the data obtained, hardness values, ultimate tensile strength, impact strength were recorded. The case and core hardness of the carburized tempered samples were measured. It was observed that the mechanical properties of mild steels were found to be influenced by the carburization process, carburization temperature and soaking time. The results obtained show that the samples carburized at 850 oC and soaked for 20 minutes and that of 950 oC and 40 minutes were better because they showed a trend of hard case with softer core. The impact strength, ultimate tensile strength and engineering strain were found to increase with increase in carburizing temperatures. However, the modulus of elasticity and hardness values for the case and core were decreasing as the temperature increased. A case-hardened steel sample that gives rise to a hard case and soft core was obtained through park carburization using rice husk as carburizer.

Affiliations: Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.
Keywords: Park Carburization, Mild Steel, Engineering Strain, Hardness, Impact, Modulus Of Elasticity
Published date: 2018/12/30

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