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Enhancement of the Nigerian National Grid Performance with a FACT Compensator

Authors: Ogunbiyi O, Adesina LM, Ugwute FO, Thomas CT

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The Nigerian grid is faced with loss of lines and system collapse due to overloads, under-loads, and inadequate reactive power at the buses. Analysis of the power flow supported by static voltage stability condition of the system can provide an insight to the system performance indicators like voltage profile, power flows and losses. Voltage control and power loss reduction strategies are still based on mechanical methods such as synchronous generators/condensers, tap changing of transformers, switching of shunt reactors and capacitor banks, switching of transmission lines, generating unit scheduling, and manual load shedding. However, flexible alternating current transmission system (FACT) such as static VAR compensator offers flexible and fast control of power system operations unlike the mechanically switched devices which are restricted by wear and tears and slow response. Hence this work demonstrates the use of static voltage analysis in seeking the optimal placement of static volt-ampere reactance (VAR) compensator called (SVC) on the power system. This idea was tested on Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) 330 kV-bus system which was modelled and analyzed using NEPLAN software and the results showed substantial improvement in the voltage profiles and loss reduction. Simulations of the peak condition showed that 9 stations violated the set limits. It is recommended that FACTS devices be optimally located at Sakete (6°44?11?N 2°39?29?E) bus bars for effective transmission of electric power on the grid.

Affiliations: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Kwara State University, PMB 1530, Ilorin, Nigeria.
Keywords: Active Power, Grid, Load Flow, Newton Raphson, Static Var Compensator
Published date: 2022/12/30

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