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Authors: *Ikpe A.E, Osikhuemhe M, Bashir M.E

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This study is focused on the evaluation of energy potentials of scrap tire through the process of pyrolysis. The ultimate analysis of the char resulting from pyrolysis gave an average value of 38.83kJ/g for the heating value and 470.00kg/m3 for specific gravity. The average fixed carbon content was 33.38% while the volatile matters gave an average of 58.40%. The ultimate analysis of the raw tire samples gave values of 36.10kJ/g for the heating value and 343.00kg/m3 for specific gravity. Moisture content of 1.09%, volatile matter of 58.40% and ash content of 7.14%, whereas, carbon content of 554.66 g, Hydrogen of content 37.73 g, Nitrogen content 3.38 g and sulphur content of 7.99 g. It was observed that the heating value for char was higher than the heating value of raw tyre. The heating value obtained in this study was small compared to the the energy requirement for operating the furnace. This is because the pyrolysis experimentation was carried out using only 1kg of scrap tyre at different temperatures. The heating value is an indication that pyrolysis of scrap tyre in a large scale would serve as a viable source of energy resource.

Affiliations: *Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Benin, PMB 1154, Benin City, Nigeria.
Keywords: Waste, Pyrolysis, Heating Value, Energy, Temperature, Char
Published date: 2018/06/30

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Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Benin, PMB 1154, Ugbowo, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.