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Local Gin Distillation Methods and Health Impact: Evaluating Physicochemical Properties of Raffia Palm and Oil Palm Derived Distillates

Authors: *Okpo, S.O., Anakpoha, O.C. And Keke, M.

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This study presents a comparative analysis between traditional gins produced from oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) and raffia palm (Raphia hookeri) sap. Physicochemical quantification revealed the raffia palm gin exhibited significantly lower moisture content (27.0%) yet higher total titratable acidity (0.134 g) compared to the oil palm gin (29.7% moisture; 0.014 g acidity). Mineral profiling indicated both gins were below established regulatory limits for toxic metals including lead (0.083 and 0.042 mg/kg) and cadmium (0.038 and 0.028 mg/kg) in oil palm and raffia palm gin respectively. Gas chromatographic analysis quantified higher concentrations of methanol (0.61 vs 0.04 mg/L), ethyl acetate (0.177 vs 0.025 mg/L), acetonitrile (0.396 vs 0.137 mg/L) and ethanol (10.39 vs 9.68 mg/L) in raffia compared to oil palm gin. The alcohol content ranged from 23.6-25.7% between the two beverages. While these traditional gins appear safe for consumption, compositional differences highlight the need for production standards and routine testing to ensure quality and safety. Adhering to regulations and safety standards can mitigate potential health hazards associated with these traditional alcoholic beverages. In conclusion, this work provides new comparative data on two understudied African fermented beverages, underscoring the importance of further characterization to assess microbiological and toxicological effects.

Affiliations: Department of Chemical Engineering, Delta State University of Science and Technology, Ozoro, Nigeria.
Keywords: Alcohol Components, Locally Distilled Gin, Mineral Composition, Ogogoro, Physicochemical Properties, Quality Control
Published date: 2023/12/30

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