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Mathematical Modeling of Tractor Fuel Consumption for Ridging Operation in Sandy Loamy Soil

Authors: Ekemube RA, Atta AT, Nkakini SO, Amgbara TO

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The need to use selected soil-implement-machine parameters as factors affecting fuel consumption is essential. A mathematical model for predicting tractor fuel consumption per working area for ridging operation has been developed using Buckingham’s pi theorem in dimensional analysis. Generalized reduced gradient (GRG), a nonlinear method of Excel solver was used for the establishment of the model’s constant. The model was validated by simulating the experimental results using the equation, graphical comparison, and assessing the coefficient determination (r2), root mean square error, and paired t-Test. The field experiment was performed at Rivers Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (RIART) Farm in Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The group balanced block design (GBBD) was adopted. The design consisted of 9 experimental treatments with three replicates. The experimental fuel consumption per working area was determined by quantity of fuel used per working area with the aid of fuel flow meter. The field test parameters (speed, height, forward speed, cone index, bulk density) were measured accordingly with their specific standards procedures. The field test parameters (speed, height, forward speed, cone index, bulk density) results were simulated with fuel consumption to obtain the constant in the predictive mathematical model. The developed model displayed good agreement between measured and predicted results with high coefficient of determination and low root mean square error. The paired t-Test results also showed no significant difference at 95 and 99 % confidence levels. It is thus, suggested that the model be used for predicting tractor fuel consumption during ridging operation.

Affiliations: Kenaf and Jute Improvement Program, Institute of Agricultural Research and Training, Obafemi Awolowo University, Moore Plantation, Ibadan, Nigeria.
Keywords: Buckingham Pi Theorem, Fuel Consumption, Mathematical Model, Ridging, Soil-machine-implement Parameters
Published date: 2022/06/30

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