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Optimising Fuel Properties of Cow Tallow Biodiesel using Multi-Objective Optimization

Authors: *Mbah, C.G. And Onukwuli, D.O.

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The use of multi-objective optimization (MOO) to obtain high quality biodiesel suitable for diesel engine operation using cow tallow feedstock was carried out in this study. The quadratic model was the preferred model used in the multi-objective optimization due to the high R2 values obtained when compared to other models. Experiments were carried out combining different variables prescribed by experimental design while optimization was carried out using genetic algorithm in MATLAB (Matrix laboratory). Yield (Y) and fuel properties such as kinematic viscosity and cetane number were designed to be the objective parameters to be optimized. The process requires that the yield be maximized for profitability while the viscosity and cetane number were minimized and maximized respectively to obtain biodiesels conforming to ASTM standards. The trends in the design objectives informed the decision to use genetic algorithm to solve the multi-optimisation problem. The optimal results of yield (80.33%), viscosity (2.18 cp) and cetane number (50.83) ensured that the biodiesel produced not only met required fuel standard but can be produced in high enough quantity from limited feedstock. The results when compared with parameters obtained in a one-objective (yield) optimization shows trade-offs in yield with the desirable fuel properties (viscosity and cetane number) where a higher yield (92.33%) and less desirable kinematic viscosity and cetane number were obtained. The preference of a higher quality biodiesel though with a slightly lower yield further highlights the relevance of multi-objective optimization in biodiesel production processes.

Affiliations: Department of Chemical Engineering, Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Nigeria.
Keywords: Optimization Cow Tallow Transesterification Biodiesel Genetic Algorithm
Published date: 2023/12/30

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