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Pebble Morphometric Analysis and Sedimentology of Sandstone Facies of the Patti Formation Around Koton-Karfe and Ozi Environs, Southern Bida Basin, Nigeria

Authors: *Ijaleye, O.T., Ochu, G.D., Ibrahim, S.O., Danga, O.A., Lekdukun, M.O. And Zekeri, S.

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Pebble morphometric analysis, sedimentological and petrographic studies have been carried out on the sediments of the Patti Formation exposed at Koton-karfe and Ozi environs, Southern Bida Basin, Nigeria. This research aims to determine the paleodepositional environment, sedimentology, and mineralogy of outcropping sediments of the study area. Pebble morphogenesis and sieve analysis deduced that the sediments are fluvial deposits. The pebbles are angular to sub-angular in shape, indicating a short travel distance. The sandstones are coarse-grained and poorly sorted. This shows that the sediments have arisen due to sediment transportation in high-velocity energy flow. The poor sorting makes the sediments have poor porosity and hence poor reservoir characteristics. The minerals present in the studied sandstone samples are mainly quartz and feldspar. Quartz has the dominant percentage. The minerals generally have shapes ranging from angular to sub-angular. This implies that the sandstone facies are deposited close to the source. The mineral constituents have sutural contact, i.e. loosely packed. This suggests an early stage of diagenesis, i.e. shallow burial. The abundance of monocrystalline quartz is indicative of sediments derived either from volcanic–plutonic rock or pre-existing sedimentary rock.

Affiliations: Department of Earth Sciences, Prince Abubakar Audu University, Anyigba, Nigeria.
Keywords: Pebbles Morphometric Analysis Sandstone Sedimentology Formation
Published date: 2023/12/30

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