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Physicochemical Assessment of Aquifers in Agbor Metropolis, Delta State, Southern Nigeria

Authors: Okwagi P, Amitaye AN, Molua OC, Morka JC, Anigoro FO


Water Pollutants may be physical or chemical and may pose health hazards to human and livestock when used for drinking and other domestic purposes. Hence, the physiochemical characteristics of aquifers from various locations in Agbor metropolis were determined to ascertain their suitability for domestic uses. A total of eighty-four (84) water samples: twenty-eight (28) per month, was collected in the months of October, November and December, 2018 and analysed using standard methods for water and wastewater analysis. The results of the study revealed that the aquifers are soft, fresh, and contaminated with heavy metals: Fe (0.00-0.70 mg/l), Cr (0.00-0.11 mg/l) and Mn (0.00-0.50 mg/l). The hardness values ranged from 16.00 to 126.00 mg/l and 30.00 to 640.00 mg/l for borehole and well water samples respectively. The electrical conductivity (E.C.) values range from 9.56 to 181.30 μScm-1 for the borehole water samples while that of the well water samples range from 3.65 to 58.00 μScm-1. The DO values range from 2.30 to 78.03 mg/l and 2.60 to 6.10 mg/l for borehole and the well water samples respectively. It is recommended that these water sources be protected from further contamination. Also, bacteriological assessment of these aquifers should be carried out in the identified sample locations since Mn and Cr contaminations are indicators for microbial contamination.

Affiliations: Department of Chemistry, Nigeria Maritime University, Okerenkoko, Delta State, Nigeria.
Keywords: Aquifer, Physiochemical, Characteristics, Heavy Metal, Contamination
Published date: 2019/12/30

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