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Preliminary Investigation for Geothermal Energy Resources Applications in Obaretin and Ofumwengbe Communities, Ovia South West, Edo State, Nigeria

Authors: Emeribe CN, Aganmwonyi I, Uwadia NO, Igbinomwanhia DI, Ogbomida ET

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The present study aimed at preliminary investigation of the potentials of developing geothermal energy applications from an existing EU-Niger Delta support borehole project in parts of Ovia-South West Local Government Area, Edo State. Methods adopted were reconnaissance level-survey of existing non-technical infrastructure and field observations. Measured temperature of the boreholes at discharge points were between 47.8 oC and 49.8 oC in Obaretin and Ofumemgbe. Iron (Fe) level exceeded the acceptable limit for drinking with a mean value of 0.3 mg/l, while chromium was slightly higher than permissible limit in Obaretin EU borehole. The elevation at well head at discharge points was 42 m and 40 m in Obaretin and Ofumwengbe respectively. At well outlets elevation were 36 m and 32 m in Obaretin and Ofumwengbe respectively. From pumping test carried out at the borehole locations, the results revealed that Obaretin has an average discharge of 8.9 m3/h (0.00247 m3/s) while the average discharge at Ofumwengbe was estimated to be 8.6 mo/h (0.00234 m3/s). The power potentials of the two locations was estimated to be 116.31 W and 147 W from Obaretin and Ofumwengbe respectively, if hydropower plants are desired in the study area. Based on the temperature of water at discharge point, the study concludes that the hot water from the EU-project is not suitable for electricity generation which requires a temperature of above 200 oC, instead may be harnessed for recreation activities or other direct uses.

Affiliations: National Centre for Energy and Environment, Energy Commission of Nigeria, University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.
Keywords: EU Water Scheme, Geothermal Energy, Water Resources Development, Geothermal Applications, Small Hydropower Plant
Published date: 2021/12/30

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