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Process Simulation of the Synthesis of Acetone from Isopropyl Alcohol

Authors: Odunlami MO, Akintola JT, Amodu OS, Sodeinde OA, Ezeka FC, Gbadamosi AS, Shittu AA, Omoigui BO

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This paper is focused on the synthesis of acetone from isopropyl alcohol (IPA). Acetone is a colourless, flammable, organic compound which finds applications as a solvent in the pharmaceutical industry and in the synthesis of fibres. Its usefulness could be further seen in preparing metal surface before coating or painting, in the area of biological research. In this work, the process route was simulated with Aspen HYSYS 8.8, using Peng-Robinson equation of state as the fluid package. Material and energy balances were carried out on the process route with the composition in each stream. The principal benefit of this process route is that the acetone synthetized does not contain benzene or any other aromatic compounds. Hence, it is useful in pharmaceutical outfits. The simulation results showed the feasibility of this process at 2 bar and 350 °C. A reactor conversion of 98 % was achieved showing a good feasibility of the process and optimum process equipment arrangements. Conclusively, within the limit of this simulation, acetone product flow rate of approximately 10,000 tonnes/year was obtained from isopropyl alcohol feed rate of 12,000 tonnes/year. The feed rate of the raw materials could be predicted before real-time process via simulation. This would aid in optimizing costs and in the design of a pilot plant which could be further scaled up.

Affiliations: Department of Chemical Engineering, Lagos State University of Science and Technology, Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.
Keywords: Acetone, Isopropyl Alcohol, Simulation, Material And Energy Balances, Reactor Conversion
Published date: 2022/06/30

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