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Properties of Coir Fibre at Different Diameter, Gauge Length and Strain Rate

Authors: Ofem MI, Ubi PA


Mechanical properties of coir fibre were investigated using stress-strain curves. Properties such as initial tensile modulus, breaking strength, and strain at break were evaluated as a function of fibre diameter, gauge length, and speed of deformation. The breaking strength and breaking strain decreased with increasing gauge length. Breaking strength and strain were within the range of 271 and 108 MPa, and within 120 and 29 % respectively. The reverse was the case for Young’s modulus which increased from 0.72 to 1.17 GPa as gauge length increased. Breaking strength and breaking strain of coir fibres increased as the speed of deformation increased from 50 mm/min to 200 mm/min and 50 mm/min to 250 mm/min respectively. At 250 mm/min, there was a drop in strength. The increase between adjacent speeds was insignificant. The highest percentage increase was 4.5% for breaking strength and 9.8% strain at 100 mm/min but suddenly dropped to an average of 3.88% for the rest of the speeds. The reverse was the case for the Young’s modulus. It decreased with increase in speed of deformation. A maximum decrease of 1.45% was observed between 100 and 150 mm/min and between 200 and 250 mm/min. There was a significant change in mechanical properties within 0.2- and 0.5-mm diameters range investigated. Both tensile strength and moduli decreased as diameter increased. The reverse was the case for the strain. The percentage change, increased from 3.8% at 0.25 mm to 26.8% at 0.5 mm diameter for the strength.

Affiliations: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Cross River University of Technology, Ekpo Abasi Road, Calabar, Nigeria.
Keywords: Gauge Length, Diameter, Speed Of Deformation, Strength, Modulus, Strain
Published date: 2020/12/30

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