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Synthesis of Electric Sub-Network’s Load Frequency Control Scheme to Mitigate System Collapse

Authors: Oluseyi PO, Odeleke VA, Akinbulire TO, Awosope COA

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This paper was developed to underpin the synthesis of control scheme in the electricity network operation; as means of reinforcing the network within the local area or region. The methods adopted involved the use of the unit commitment strategy and proportional integral (PI) control action. A segment of the Ikeja-West Sub-network was adopted as the case study. This is because the network is the largest in the nation. So also; it accommodates three major state-of-the-art generators which are connected directly to its busbar. These are AES/Egbin, Omotosho and Olorunsogo power stations. These generators were combined in a technically proficient manner with the help of a list of crucial assumptions. This technique initially generated a load sharing formula using the governor droop-power output curve of generators. While the daily load curve was obtained by selecting the maximum peak load point over a period of time at the node of the Ikeja-West (330 kV) bus. For each load interval, frequency deviation was computed for all possible coalescence of the generators. This produced a number of generators’ combinatorial values. The acceptable figures ranged from 0.0082 to 0.0182 per unit. Additionally, this was extended to the proportional integral controller so as to further reduce the frequency deviation. This correspondingly gave a series of values between 10-4 and 10-9 per unit Hz. From this, it became evident that the nominal frequency is closely maintained within the standard operating frequency of 50±0.5 Hz.

Affiliations: Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.
Keywords: Frequency Control, Frequency Deviation, Unit Commitment, Load Forecast, Droop Characteristics
Published date: 2022/12/30

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