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Time Lapse Resistivity Survey and its Implication on Aquifer Contamination: A Case Study of Aule Area Basement Complex Region, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria

Authors: Whetode JM, Adegbola RB, Bawallah MA, Ayuks MA

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This study was prompted by the need to carry out a follow-up study on an earlier work done ten years ago, which studied the depth extent of a contaminant plume in surrounding groundwater that originated from hydrocarbon leakage from an underground storage tank. Therefore, this follow-up study is an attempt to evaluate the extents to which the contaminant effects have either been reduced or completely removed, given a time-lapse of ten years. In this study, electrical resistivity method was engaged with the deployment of vertical electrical sounding (VES) within the study area. Nine (9) VES points were repeated at the exact location where similar measurements were carried out ten years ago. The information obtained gave useful and relevant information in terms of the correlation of geoelectric sequence and geophysical parameters between ten years ago and now. The contaminated layers resistivity and thickness ten years ago were at an average of 271 ?m and 3.5 m which have reduced to an average of 95 ?m and 0.49 m now. Findings revealed that time lapse has allowed the effects of the contaminant to be completely or partly removed along, VES 2, 6, 9, 10, 11, and 12. This study gave an insight into the minimum time lapse that may be required for the total or near-complete removable of the effect of contaminants of this nature in a typical basement Complex environment in Nigeria.

Affiliations: Department of Physics, Lagos State University, Ojo, Nigeria.
Keywords: Time-lapse, Resistivity, Hydrocarbon, Contamination, Geophysical, Basement, Groundwater
Published date: 2022/12/30

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