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Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Bush Mango Shell and Palm Pressed Fibre Briquettes

Authors: Eze NN, Egwuagu MO, Onah TO, Edeh JC

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In this study, five different samples of briquettes were produced by varying the compositions of BMS and PPF in the ratios (BMS: PPF) of 100:0, 75:25, 50:50, 25:75, and 0:100 and labeled sample A, B, C D and E respectively and completely characterized. The results of the properties tested were compared among the mixture of the biomasses proportions. The TGA result revealed that palm pressed fibre had the least rate of decomposition of 3.84% at 375 °C, while bush mango shell had the highest rate of decomposition of 5.48% at almost 400 °C. It was observed from the produced briquette samples that the maximum density, compression pressure, shattering index and calorific value increased as bush mango shell composition increased. Ignition time decreased with increase in bush mango shell concentrations in the mixture. The briquette sample (B) produced more heat (higher calorific value) during combustion than the others, while sample (E) ignite more readily and burn faster than other formulations because of its higher volatile matter but low in heating value (due to its low and coarse density). Therefore, Sample B briquettes showed good physical, mechanical and combustion properties with density of 1280 g/cm3, shatter index of 98%, calorific value of 18.65 kJ/kg; ignition and burning rate of 0.472 g/min and 38.17 g/min at optimum compression time of 40 minutes and pressure of 25 MPa thus suitable for biofuel production.

Affiliations: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Abia State, Nigeria.
Keywords: Biomass Briquette, Bush Mango Shell, Palm Pressed Fibre, Maximum Density, Shattering Index, Calorific Value
Published date: 2022/12/30

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