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Comparative Studies on the Mechanical Properties of some Selected Foreign and Indigenous Varieties Species of Kenaf

Authors: Atta AT, Owolarafe OK, Omotosho OA, Adeniyan ON, Adetunmbi JO, Olanipekun SO, Falana OB

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The study investigated the strength characteristics of two foreign (Cuba 180, Talinum 2) and three locally available varieties of kenaf fibres (Ifeken DI 400, Ifeken 100 and Ifeken 400), with a view to providing insight to optimum conditions for the processing of the fibre into some products. It was observed that Talinum variety recorded the highest values for tensile strength and resistance to load deformation of 62.45×10-1 MPa and 6.3 N respectively while Ifeken 100 was observed to have given the lowest (23.62×10-1 and 2.4 N) values. Ifeken DI 400 exhibited the highest modulus of elasticity of 66.28×107 while Ifeken 400 was observed to have the least modulus of elasticity of 17.42×107. Cuba 108 was observed to have the highest yield point with the value of 79.81×10-1 mm while Ifeken DI 400 had the least fibre extension with the value of 96.67×10-2 mm. Talinum 2 was also found to have absorbed the highest energy (0.029 J) before rupture with Ifeken 100 variety having the lowest value (0.099 J) for all the kenaf varieties compared. Analysis of variance revealed that the effect of kenaf variety on the fibre strength as well as performance was statistically significant (P ? 0.05). The results of the study will be useful in guiding the utilisation of the materials as well serve as a precursor to the design of appropriate machines for further processing of the fibres to preserve the quality of the products.

Affiliations: Kenaf and Jute Improvement Programme, Institute of Agricultural Research and Training, Obafemi Awolowo University, Moor Plantation, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.
Keywords: Kenaf Fibre, Tensile Stress, Modulus Of Elasticity, Fibre Rupture, Tensile Strain
Published date: 2021/06/30

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