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Development of an Integrated Refrigeration and Air – Conditioning System

Authors: Okekunle PO, Itabiyi OE, Olawale K Orowole IA


In this study, a vapour compression refrigeration and an air conditioning system were designed separately using relevant thermodynamic equations and were integrated into a single unit. The refrigerating effect (Re), theoretical work done per cycle (Wd) and the refrigerant mass flow rate (Mr) for the refrigerating system were determined using heat and energy analysis based on a T-S diagram. The compressor power required was estimated based on the T-S diagram for the system. The cooling capacity, Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and actual work done per cycle of the integrated unit were estimated. The actual work done per cycle of the integrated unit was also compared with the power input and their Coefficient of Performance (COP) evaluated. The cost of development of the integrated unit was then estimated. The Re, Wd and Mr for the refrigerating system were 136.13 kJ/kg, 1.215 kW and 0.0286 kg/s, respectively. The total sensible and latent heat were 2876.10 and 614.5 W, respectively. The grand total heat generated by the hypothetical space was 3.5 kW. The estimated required compressor power was 1.5 HP. The cooling capacity and EER ranged from 3.707 to 2.63 kW and 4.572 to 3.241, respectively. The actual work done per cycle for the power input of 0.574, 0.794, 0.958, 1.052 and 1.144 kW were 1.959, 2.709, 3.267, 3.587 and 3.902 kW, respectively. The COP of air-conditioner and refrigerator ranged from 0.95 to 1.34 and from 4.63 to 20.63, respectively. The estimated cost of the developed integrated unit was ?55,080.

Affiliations: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, PMB 4000, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria
Keywords: Refrigeration System, Air-conditioning System, Work Done Per Cycle, Coefficient Of Performance, Cooling Capacity, Energy Efficie
Published date: 2019/12/30

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